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RMFTM - Fuzz Club Session


Brand Fuzz Club

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RMFTM are a Dutch music collective whose motorik, industrial art-punk blurs the line between Can or Amon Duul II and the harsh, metronomic sounds of Detroit techno visionaries Jeff Mills or Carl Craig. Having just released a collab LP with Salford noiseniks Gnod and now two parts into their ‘Subversive’ album trilogy on Fuzz Club, we’re so excited to reveal the band’s mind-blowing Fuzz Club Session.

Made up of four near-on ten minute tracks – one from Subversive I, and the rest from Subversive II - RMFTM’s live session see’s their angular, incendiary noise sound more raw and merciless than ever before. It’s a head-on collision of programmed frequency, looped samples, metallic clanging and stabs of feedback held together and propelled by pummeling, motorik basslines, pounding percussion and a formidable krautrock gusto that seems to transcend space and time.

Limited to 100 copies on white 180g vinyl and 400 on black 180g vinyl.

Release date September 15th, 2017. 

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