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Prince Rubert's Drops - Climbing Light


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Following up on their stunning BBiB Records debut (“Run Slow”), Prince Rupert’s Drops reflect, refract and reemerge in the form of “Climbing Light,” their dark and brilliant second full-length album; forty-two minutes featuring eight songs of frighteningly unforgettable form. If the album’s title immediately brings to mind mainly the sweetness of the light, only progress in the climb, be forewarned. “Climbing Light” arrives as the band rings in their first full decade of existence – plenty of time for these songs to take in and breathe out the endless shades of light, the blinding white and the choking greys. The alchemy of Prince Rupert’s Drops is in the endlessly-fascinating way they dissolve the two into one, often more than once within the span of a single and singularly strange song.

Vinyl: Ox Blood Red


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