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Save on shipping and receive 3 records every quarter and 15% off on all other order from our store and Fuzz Club events. The records will be the same as in the monthly membership package. 

Including free worldwide delivery.

By using your unique membership number you get 15% off on all other orders from our store and can even get free shipping by adding it to your quarterly membership package delivery. You will also receive a Fuzz Club Membership one-year bronze pin. 

You will also get 15% off on Fuzz Club events* (like the Fuzz Club Eindhoven festival for example). 

Please note that due to the nature of vinyl record manufacturing we have to limit the memberships to a certain number. If there are no more memberships available, please email us on mail@fuzzclub.com and we can put you on the waiting list. We should be able to increase the number of memberships every 2-3 months but this depends on the turnaround time for vinyl at the time. In worst cases, this can be 6-8 months.  

You can cancel the membership at any time, but if you want to rejoin and there are no memberships available you will have to go on the waiting list. 

*A Fuzz Club event is a show or other type of event put on by Fuzz Club. A show with a band associated with Fuzz Club but put on by another promotor is not considered a Fuzz Club event. 

Recurring annual payment.

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