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The Blue Angel Lounge - Narcotica


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Re-release of second studio album "Narcotica" via Berlins independent label 8MM Musik and Anton Newcombe's A Records. While staying true to their Nico and Velvet Underground inspired colors, broader timeless inspiration of New Wave, Post Punk, and Shoegaze are accentuated through out the their second full length. The band present a strong balance between relatively uptempo songs such as "Caught Crow" or "Delete My Ideals" and the atmospheric and psychedelic in tracks "I Will Never" and "Son Of The Ocean". Narcotica was self produced with the assistance of Anton Newcombe at Studio East in the former Communist East German sound recording complex in Berlin, Germany. 

Tracklisting- 1. Narcotica, 2. Caught Crow, 3. Bewitch My Senses, 4. Son Of The Ocean, 5. Corona, 6. Delete My Ideals, 7. Secure Existence, 8. Street And Exile, 9. Darklands, 10. New Ghandi, 11. I Will Never.

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