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Sonic Jesus Announces European Tour, March 2015

Posted on December 07 2015

Sonic Jesus blew away audiences earlier this year with the unrelenting sonic intensity of their live show, during a 40 date European tour in support of their now sold-out debut album, Neither Virtue Nor Anger.

They'll be taking to the road again in March 2016 for a circuit of southern Europe after a slew of UK shows including a performance at Manchester's Cosmosis festival.

Sonic JesusThe Italian group have gained a reputation for their impassioned live show, delivered with all the raw energy and mastery that one would hope for after listening to their epic double LP debut album. Clash Music put it well when they said ‘If you decide to name your band Sonic Jesus then you're going to need to back it up with something special.’ Indeed they did.

The sentiment was matched by Chromaticism who wrote, 'Already monumental tracks on vinyl, ‘Locomotive’, ‘Drift 22’, ‘Whore Is Death’, ‘Lost Reprise’ and ‘Telegraph’, morph live into an explosive, dynamic coup de grâce, pummelling the assembled into submission.'

In their short history, the group has already supported some of the biggest names in psych such as Damo Suzuki (Can), Dead Skeletons and Singapore Sling, and their performances last year at Eindhoven Psych Lab and Portugal's Reverence Festival have put them on the map as one of the best new live acts on the psych circuit. 

Sonic JesusThe Sleeping Shaman said of their performance at Eindhoven Psych Fest,'The stage presence is strong and I’m pretty sure that everyone feels the venue shrink during this set. The pulsating sound drags you under into the despair echoing in the guitar riffs. This is definitely a secret highlight of the fest.'

After gaining critical acclaim for both their recorded and live offering from the likes of The Quietus, Exclaim!, Drowned In Sound, Consequence of Sound, Italy's RockIt and local press spanning all through Europe and into Asia and America, Sonic Jesus are well placed to deliver a stella follow up tour in 2016.

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