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Tales of Murder and Dust Share New Video for “Black Reflections”

Tales of Murder and Dust

Danish five-piece Tales of Murder and Dust has produced a bleak but beautifully evocative new single “Black Reflections” and its suitably abstract video.

“Black Reflections” signals a departure from the group’s psych-surf roots, ahead of their upcoming second album, The Flow In Between, out 23rd March. Their most expansive release to date, it embraces opiate blues, drone rock, orchestral swathes and New York no-wave experimentalism, which the track represents beautifully.

The video evokes the album’s crimson toned cover art, and occupies a typically DIY psych style involving found footage, collage, and translucent overlays to create something atmospheric and emotionally charged against the dramatic track it carries.

“Black Reflections” is full of dark and melodic beauty, and climactic intensity, that recalls artists like Swans, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Besnard Lakes and The Catherine Wheel.

It's available on pre-order now on vinyl and CD. The deluxe edition has sold out.

March 09, 2016 by Jack Palfrey

Watch The Nostalgic New Video From The Third Sound

The Third Sound Video

The Third Sound have shared a suitably nostalgic video for “You Are Not Here”, the first single from their new album,
Gospels of Degeneration, out on April 1st.

Directed by London street photographer and video artist Ruari Meehan, the video weaves together layers of dreamy footage to evoke fading memories of summer romance, with a golden nostalgic glow.

It’s a fitting illustration for the track, which is a sweet and sour ballad of love and loss that pairs the gravelly vocals of The Third Sound frontman Hakon Aðalsteinsson with Tess Parks’ dark and wispy voice. The gently repeating chorus - “I’ll run through fire to get you back in my life. In my sleepless nights I’m reminded that you are not here” – is like a mantra for melancholy. 

Gospels of Degeneration is available on vinyl, deluxe edition and CD.

March 09, 2016 by Alexandra Dunn

New Live Session by Sonic Jesus for 'Triumph'

If you haven't been lucky to experience a Sonic Jesus live show then check out their latest live session for 'Triumph', following on from the first in this series for 'Reich'. Both songs are taken off Neither Virtue Nor Anger, the highly-acclaimed debut record from the Italian outfit.

A dark, brooding affair expertly exercising an array of influences from shoegaze, psych, krautrock, goth and post-punk. The record is introspective, hypnotic and has seen them compared to the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, A Place To Bury Strangers and The Black Angels. Coming in at ninety minutes long and spanning four sides of vinyl, Neither Virtue Nor Anger "feels like you're embarking on an epic descent into some collective psychic and spiritual underworld, from which you may never emerge," according to The Quietus.

Sonic Jesus will be touring Europe in Spring 2016. Please contact us via the website form for enquiries.

The live session for Reich was premiered in October by Sly Vinyl.

You can still pick up the record on double LP, CD and digital from our store.

December 16, 2015 by Jack Palfrey

Video Premiere of Singapore Sling's 'Dive In'

Singapore Sling Dive In

Singapore Sling's latest video is a sultry black and white affair using slow motion and split screens to create a hypnotic smoke and mirrors effect. This is the first official video from Psych Fuck and was directed by Paula Michelle Hamilton. The song was written by Sölvi Blöndal and Höskuldur Ólafsson, and was originally performed by Icelandic hiphop group, Quarashi.

singapore sling psych fuck



Psych Fuck is available on vinyl, deluxe edition, CD and digital.

December 14, 2015 by Alexandra Dunn
10,000 Russos Live Session at Cromeleque dos Almendres

10,000 Russos Live Session at Cromeleque dos Almendres

10000 Russos Live Session

10,000 Russos are gaining quite a reputation for their live show. We thought it was so good that we signed them side of stage after seeing them for the first time at Reverence last year, and we know that everyone that saw them close the first night of the Fuzz Club Festival will agree. 

The live session for "UsVsUs" captures all the power and fuzzed out energy of 10,000 Russos live, in a geurilla takeover of a public spot in their home country, Portugal.

The video was shot at Cromeleque dos Almendres, which is an archeological site dating back to 6,000 BC and contains one of the largest groups of megalithic stones in Europe. The Iberian equivalent to Stonehenge, it's steeped in mystery and may be a burial place or some kind of astronomical observatory as it is aligned with the winter solstice. The band chose it for its strong magnetic charge.

The video was made by Bando À Parte and executive production was done by Pointlist.
Images by Jorge Quintela and André Peyxoto
Sound by Sergio Bernardo Gregorio
Thanks to João Modas and Família Modas, Rodrigo Areias, Daniel Catarino, Yoann Crochet, Cristina Viana, Sociedade Harmonia Eborense, Gui, IGESPAR.

 "UsVsUs" is taken from the self-titled album, now sold out on vinyl but available on cassette.

10,000 Russos Self-Titled Album Cassette              10,000 Russos Self-Titled Album Cassette


December 11, 2015 by Alexandra Dunn

The Second Single "Exposure" from Throw Down Bones

Introducing the second single from Throw Down Bones, whose debut album will be out 1st December. Those who saw them at Liverpool Psych Fest know these guys have a unique electronica sound laden with guitars and rhythm that gets the party people moving.

Throw Down Bones' debut self titled album will be released on vinyl including deluxe edition, CD, cassette and digital.

Album now available for pre-order.



October 09, 2015 by Casper Dee

Nightmares and Atmospheres: The Underground Youth talk about Haunted


The Underground Youth Live

For those that are fairly new to the Underground Youth, can you give us a background of the band? 

I started writing and recording music back in 2008, raw lo-fi bedroom recordings using really basic recording equipment. I named the project The Underground Youth after the title of one of those early tracks and made the albums of material available for free online. It continued in this way, releasing a couple of albums a year, until I was contacted in 2011 by what would become Fuzz Club Records. The intention was to release my latest self-released album (Delirium) on vinyl and put a live band together to tour The Underground Youth’s music for the first time. Where we are now is a result of that happening.

I know a couple years back, we discussed how cinema was a big influence on you and the relationship between sound and image.  Does this still inspire you?  

It still plays a large part in the creative process for me. The aim is to create a soundtrack to accompany an imagined film or visual idea. In the future I’ll look at developing the right kind of space and visuals to accompany the music, more of an art installation than a live show. That’s an idea that inspires me, to find different ways to present the music.

Are you still the primary force behind the band, or are the other members contributing to the writing process?

The Underground Youth does still function as it always has, as my creative outlet. However the live sound is in the hands of the live band, and on the new record I worked more collaboratively with the producer, so it feels less of a one man project these days.

Speaking of the new record, it’s call Haunted and out very soon.  What can you tell us about the album?

It was very much about creating an atmosphere, and I think we managed to capture the envisioned mood perfectly. The lyrics follow a dark and unsettling theme, each song documents the nightmares of a different character, so the music needed to create the appropriate atmosphere for this. The album is slightly distanced from the ‘psychedelic’ side of our sound and focusses more on the influence of 1980’s post-punk music. There’s elements of noise and industrial music in there too, it’s certainly more experimental than anything The Underground Youth has put out before.

Did the atmosphere you wanted to create take you into that sound, or was this what you started with to get to that atmosphere?

It seems like a natural direction to move in, especially considering the nature of the album I wanted to make (dark and haunting). Saying that I never begin the creative process knowing what direction I want the musical style to go in, it comes out during the writing/recording.

The Underground Youth HauntedThe Underground Youth was the band that basically started Fuzz Club Records, and I guess Fuzz Club has had a hand in jumpstarting the Underground Youth as well. It’s a pretty cool connection to have, because not many bands can say that. I personally get that feeling of “family” with Casper from the label as he's always been very supportive of the bands he not only has on his label, but the music that he loves in general.  What’s it like, having been around from the start of the label?

It feels like a lifetime ago Casper and I were sat in a bar in Manchester discussing his initial ideas for Fuzz Club Records, he had all these high hopes and ambitious plans, I thought he was crazy. But to think of how many of them he’s managed to achieve, and how he’s helped me bring my project to where it is, I’m glad I agreed to go with it. It’s not about business and that side of music, it’s about creating art and all I care about is doing what I love. Casper understands that and so do the ‘family’ that make up Fuzz Club, I’m proud to have been a part of it since the beginning.


The Underground Youth Haunted

 What are some of the plans for the next few months?

We’ve got an eight date UK tour starting with Liverpool Psych Fest in late September / early October and then a month long European tour in November.

What's been on your turntable lately? 

I’ve just picked up the new Beach House album Depression Cherry. I’ve also been revisiting Patti Smith and listening to a lot of Einstürzende Neubauten recently. Neubauten had a big influence on the new record.

I’ve always been interested in the stories people have about their first major music memory, and what set them on the journey for the love of music and the discovery of it.  For me, I have been a massive music lover for as long as I can remember, in part to my father’s record collection.  What started the journey for you?

I remember seeing footage of Bob Dylan performing live, some TV spot or something from the early sixties. I can’t even remember what song he played but just seeing him standing there, playing 3 chords, singing with that voice. That’s why I picked up a guitar.

The Underground Youth Tour Poster

The Underground Youth Tour Dates

Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

01/10/15 UK Glasgow - Nice n Sleazy's

03/10/15 UK Manchester - Islington Mill

04/10/15 UK Rugby - West Indian Club

05/10/15 UK Nottingham - Chameleon Arts Cafe

06/10/15 UK London - The Shacklewell Arms

08/10/15 UK Sheffield - Picture House Social

03/11/15 Fr PARIS     Point Ephemere

04/11/15 Fr LYON     Venue tba

05/11/15 Fr DÜDINGEN    Bad Bonn

06/11/15 Ch SAINT GALLEN    Rumpelturm

07/11/15 Ch MARTIGNY    Caves Du Manoir

08/11/15 Ch VEVEY    Studio 603




13/11/15 Dk AALBORG    1000Fryd

14/11/15 Swe MALMOE    Inkonst

15/11/15 No OSLO    Revolver

17/11/15 De LEIPZIG    Westwerk

18/11/15 De KÖLN    Tsunami Club

19/11/15 De COBURG    Bei Adam

20/11/15 De FREIBURG   Slow Club

21/11/15 De BERLIN    Magnet

24/11/15 De FRANKFURT    Das Bett

25/11/15 Ch ZURICH    Zukunft

26/11/15 De AUGSBURG    City Club

27/11/15 De OBERHAUSEN    Pressure Air Festival

28/11/15 Be YELLOWSTOCK    Winter Fest

September 14, 2015 by Philipp Jahn