Tales of Murder and Dust offer free download of 'Sisters', taken off their upcoming LP

Tales of Murder and Dust

Yesterday we announced we'd be releasing the second LP from Denmark's Tales of Murder and Dust, titled The Flow In Between. We're really excited to share 'Sisters', taken off said record. 

The Flow In Between sees the band lead us deep into a dark abyss, drifting massively from the surf-indebted psych of their debut record, 'Sisters' is testament to the noisy post-rock monster they've become. A thumping motorik bassline pounds through a menacing ring of feedback. Fuzzed out guitars burst in out of no-where as the track continues on a dreamy ascent, the track builds and builds as layers of distorted guitars, gloomy vocals, ethereal reverb and marching drums and bass crash over eachother. The track is up for free download so download it, binge-listen and inevitably count down the days until you get to hear the full record.

A bleak but beautiful psych classic, the Danish group's third release is available on 180g heavy ultra clear vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Also available as a deluxe edition, limited to 100 copies of heavy 180g colour-in-colour vinyl with red in ultra clear, heavy gatefold cover, embossed logo and hand numbering. You can pre-order the record here.