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Singapore Sling Set Off On Their EU/UK Tour

Singapore Sling

Fuzz Club’s very own Singapore Sling are kicking of their UK/European tour today. A legend in psych circles, Henrik Björnsson and his band will be bringing their fuzzy ode to rock and roll across the mainland, kicking things off with two shows in the UK. The band's immersive soundscapes make for a pretty special live show so make sure you don’t miss out. Check out the dates below and get your tickets here.

Their latest album Psych Fuck is the third in a line of consistently incredible records we've released from Singapore Sling, you can acquaint yourself with those releases over at our Bandcamp.

Singapore Sling European Tour 2016

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January 27, 2016 by Jack Palfrey

Perversity, Desperation and Death: The Origins of Singapore Sling

By Lindsay Krause

Join us for a cinematic journey into the darkest corners of art and music, as we use lyrics from Singapore Sling to describe the depraved film from which the band took their name. 

Released in 1990, their namesake is a surrealist-horror-film-noir pastiche by Greek art-house auteur Nikolaos Nikolaidis. It's a deranged festival of perversity, desperation and death, that revels in drawn out depictions of sex and torture, which leave the viewer feeling equally defiled and complicit.

The tale follows a wounded detective in search of his long lost love. A typical premise for a romantic film noir, the plot takes a sadistic turn when he falls prey to a crazed mother and daughter duo who subject him to a bizarre array of masochistic sex acts involving chains, vomit, corpses, electrocution and one achingly ripe kiwifruit. 

Not knowing his real name, the pair call him Singapore Sling because of a cocktail recipe they find in his pocket. It’s an odd twist of black humour that such a banal and sugary hotel lobby cocktail would be associated with this character, this film and this band.

If we give the director his artistic dues, we can say the film explores themes of love and loss through the lens of film genres of fading glory. Much the same can be said of musical approach of Singapore Sling the band, and as the film’s sinister narrative unravels, it seems as if lyrics from the band could act as an alternate commentary by a real life version of the film's hapless protagonist.

Interestingly, the band never actually watched the film before selecting their name, but instead chose it for its reputation. 

If you’re brave enough, take a look at the full film here, but for those faint of heart, we’ll give you the synopsis through a lyrical journey into Singapore Sling’s extensive discography. 


Singapore Sling band
"They're weak and pure at heart
They're fucked up from the start"
'Martian Arts' from Perversity, Desperation and Death2009

The film opens with the terrorising pair digging the grave of their chauffeur, who they've recently gutted. In the distance, the man who will come to be known as Singapore Sling is lurking on the property. Suffering from a bullet wound in his shoulder, he recalls his reason for being there on that fateful and miserable night: searching in vain for his past love, Laura, who went missing long ago. He believes she had made an appearance in the area.

 singapore sling band
"Long past crazy
I'm long past crazy" 
'Long Past Crazy' from Taste the Blood of Singapore Sling2005

After the nameless women finish burying alive their chauffeur, the daughter breaks the fourth wall to inform the audience about the history of her family's grotesque ways. Laura was the first kill for the mother and daughter three years. To celebrate the memory, they engage in a disturbing role playing game with the daughter assuming the role of Laura. The now deceased father and husband is responsible for much of the madness portrayed, having killed servants in the past and violated his daughter at a young age.
singapore sling band
"Everything's going to become much worse, unimaginably worse" 
'Evil Madness' from Singapore Sling Must Be Destroyed2010

The lovesick detective makes the catastrophic decision to knock on the door of the half-clothed maniacs, only to be taken prisoner, tied to the bed and subjected to their sick ways. While he is unconscious, a notebook is retrieved from his pocket, detailing his search for Laura and a recipe for the gin cocktail Singapore Sling. 
singapore sling band
"Join me in my pain
Love me til you're insane"
'Freaks' from Never Forever2011
The daughter visits Singapore Sling while her mother is asleep, and proceeds to mount and vomit on the man, while simultaneously urging him to forget about the slain Laura. The mother discovers these activities and hints that Singapore Sling will end up in the grave like the chauffeur. The daughter scowls in response, "Honestly, someday I'll kill her, and I won't have anybody over my head." She assumes the role of "Laura" and tries to convince Singapore Sling that she is the dead woman, and that they should kill her mother and be together.

Singapore Sling Band
"I was born and bred on my own deathbed...
You can load your guns and shoot me in the head
It won't make a difference I'm already dead"
'Living Dead' from Life is Killing My Rock and Roll2004
Following various scenes of electric shock, S&M and sexual torture, it becomes apparent that death is in the air. Singapore Sling, who is now free from his chains but in a state of delusion, begins to dig a grave in the backyard. He is also suspected of stealing a knife from the attic.
singapore sling band
"If you're lookin for a thrill
And you're ready for a kill
We'll take out everyone"
'Kill Baby Kill' from The Tower of Foronicity2014
While taking a leisurely bath, the mother is impaled with a pitchfork by Singapore Sling as her daughter plunges her underwater. Singapore Sling and "Laura" re-enact the secretary game from the beginning of the film, though with one major difference: Singapore Sling possesses the giant knife. The daughter attempts to escape from the man, but is literally "sexed to death" by Singapore Sling who attacks her with a knife between his legs. Brandishing a luger pistol, "Laura" falls to the ground and delivers one fatal shot to her killer.
Singapore Sling Band
"Give me some of your poison
So I can die by your side"
'Dying Alive' from Psych Fuck, 2015     
"Come to me, come to me
I'll treat you good in the afterlife"
'Afterlife' from Never Forever, 2011
In a strange moment of tenderness, the two embrace each other as they hold on to their last breaths. "Let me hang on to you....You see how right I was when I said you were in love with a corpse?" "Laura" shoots the detective once more as she's wandering about waiting to die. He then returns to sleep in his freshly dug grave, noting "I'll be in good company tonight."
singapore sling psych fuck

Singapore Sling's eighth album, Psych Fuck, was released in November 2015 and is available on vinyl, deluxe edition, CD and digital download.  
You can also catch them on tour in Europe kicking off January 27th 2016 in Manchester, UK.
January 02, 2016 by Alexandra Dunn

Video Premiere of Singapore Sling's 'Dive In'

Singapore Sling Dive In

Singapore Sling's latest video is a sultry black and white affair using slow motion and split screens to create a hypnotic smoke and mirrors effect. This is the first official video from Psych Fuck and was directed by Paula Michelle Hamilton. The song was written by Sölvi Blöndal and Höskuldur Ólafsson, and was originally performed by Icelandic hiphop group, Quarashi.

singapore sling psych fuck



Psych Fuck is available on vinyl, deluxe edition, CD and digital.

December 14, 2015 by Alexandra Dunn

Psych Fuck Album Review

Singapore Sling Psych Fuck Review

Review by Andy Uzzell, originally published in Days of Purple and Orange

Singapore Sling are a bit of a legend in psych circles, pre-empting the current explosion in all things fuzzy by some years. Formed in Iceland in 2000, the band have released some 7 albums prior to Psych Fuck, the last three of which have been on Fuzz Club, that bastion of fuzzy goodness.

I first became aware of the band when they contributed a track to a tribute album to The Monks ('I Hate You' on the Silver Monk Time: A Tribute to The Monks), a coruscating reworking of the garage punk legends. Psych Fuck is split into two sides, named, somewhat unsurprisingly, 'Psych' and 'Fuck', and is a dark trip into the noir side of life.

The 'Psych' side opens with 'Dive In', a cover of fellow Icelanders Quarashi, and straight away we are thrown into the throbbing abyss of a Suicide rhythm and ringing garage punk guitars, the twin vocals of founder Henrik Björnsson and his sister Anna portraying dread-laden ennui.

Singapore Sling Psych Fuck'Let It Roll, Let It Rise' has the menace of gothabilly legends Deadbolt and the fuzzed out vocals of The Jesus And Mary Chain; it swaggers, rolls and rises. ‘ÆJL’ comes on like a neo-psych version of The Litter's 'Action Woman', demanding action and satisfaction, and it certainly gives satisfaction! The addition of some organ gives the track a more melodic aspect.

'Na Na Now' has more than a touch of the Velvets; Henrik's vocals even have the same timbre as Lou Reed and the same laconic introspection. 'Try' channels the band's inner Sisters Of Mercy, the guitars could have come directly from the Sisters' Reptile House EP and the vocals have the same menacing depth and tone. 'The Underground' sees a twist in the psych tail; a bucolic trip to the old west, the trotting rhythm accompanied by pseudo countrified guitar, but it works!

The 'Fuck' side opens with 'Dying Alive' with Henrik once again joined by Anna on vocals, the twin vocals sometimes discordant, sometimes in perfect harmony, all over the top of an electronic motorik rhythm. 'Give Me Some Other' is lyrically simple but sometimes less is more eh? The music is driven by a Dick Dale guitar and jaunty percussion.

'Glitter' is a glorious gallimaufry of noise and sound; the crashing drums, ringing guitars and fuzzed out vocals all make for a wonderful 'wall of sound' straight out of Phil Spector's nightmares. 'Astronaut' is a childhood dream soundtracked by JAMC; it's the nearest this album comes to 'happy'. 
'Shithole Town' is an understated paean to urban love. Once again, a comparison to the Velvets is inevitable but this time the slower, more introspective side to the VU.

Singapore Sling Psych FuckThe album is brought to a close by 'The Tower Of Foronicity' (also the name of the last album.) The intro is reminiscent of 'The Spirit of the Sky' and the track provides a musically optimistic and lyrically pessimistic finale; " When you think you're at the top, you're already at the bottom". The jauntiness of the shimmering guitar and sparkling percussion belying the inevitability and inconsequence of existence. 

Certainly in 2015, Fuzz Club have not put a foot wrong; every release has been of the highest quality and this album is no different. 'Psych Fuck' has an artful chiaroscuro about it, much the same as the Iceland of the band's origin; the beauty of the landscape in stark contrast to the long, cold nights. It is an album of shimmering beauty and texture and has shape and flow. Another Fuzz Club release that will figure highly on the inevitable 'End of Year' lists, and rightly so. 'Psych Fuck' is available from the Fuzz Club store - the deluxe edition of the LP is sold out but the CD and regular vinyl are still available.

December 01, 2015 by Alexandra Dunn

Singapore Sling's Psych Fuck Tour Dates

Singapore Sling Psych Fuck Tour

Singapore Sling will be playing 17 dates across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia kicking off on 27th January 2016. Check back for more ticketing and event info soon.

27th January - UK MANCHESTER - Gulliver

28th January - UK LONDON - Shacklewell Arms

29th January - Belgium BRUSSELS - Secret show

30th January - France PARIS - La Maroquinerie

1st February - Netherlands AMSTERDAM - Paradiso

2nd February - Germany HAMBURG - Hafenklang

3rd February - Sweden MALMÖE - Plan B

4th February - Norway OSLO - Revolver Club

5th February - Denmark COPENHAGEN - Stengade

6th February - Germany BERLIN - Bassy Club

7th February - Poland WARSAW - Kulturalna

8th February - Austrial WIEN - Arena

9th February - Italy PORDENONE - Astro Club

10th February - Italy RAVENNA - Bronson Club

12th February - Switzerland THUN - Mokka Bar

13th February - Germany FREIBURG - Slow Club

February - France LILLE Australian Bar

Join the Psych Fuck tour events page for updates and information. 

November 29, 2015 by Alexandra Dunn












Buy Singapore Sling Psych Fuck Shop 

Buy Singapore Sling Psych Fuck ShopIn an ocean of rock music aloofness, manufactured coolness and glittered naivety, Singapore Sling are one of the few truly teenage-hearted bands that can make some serious noise and get your hips shaking like it’s 1955. Their eighth album Psych Fuck is a dark and noisy exploration of rock ‘n’ roll nostalgia that would make a fitting soundtrack for James Dean’s death car.

The new album was originally planned to be released as Part II to their 2014 release The Tower of Foronicity. However during its inception it became more like an evil twin than a comrade, which is evident from the opening track “Dive In,” a Suicide-like nightmare spiced up with horror piano riffs. 

Buy Singapore Sling Psych Fuck ShopBjörnsson says, ‘I decided to call the album Psych Fuck because it’s much more ferocious and a lot more fucked up and experimental in the way I mixed it”. This is evident in the bouncy go-go rhythms overlaid with dark and noisy shoegaze fuzz, to evoke a mix of teenage despair and sex-spiked fun. Described by Pop Matters as ‘a soundtrack for future prequels to either Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs,’ the Singapore Sling sound combines the shambolic rituals of The Cramps, the apocalyptic neon landscapes of Suicide and the devilish cacophonies of White Light White Heat, which can be heard in the first single "AEJL".

Psych Fuck is released on vinyl, CD, digital and limited deluxe edition vinyl featuring silk screened cover art in reverse colours to the standard edition, and they're embossed, numbered and pressed on red vinyl.

Stream the full album on SoundCloud.

Singapore Sling was formed back in 2000 in the wild and darkness of Reykjavik, Iceland, by Henrik Björnsson who is also a founding member of  Dead Skeletons and former member of Bang Gang. Since then the group has created a legacy of music described by Drowned In Sound as being  ‘at the forefront of the new psychedelic explosion long before its current wave of popularity went stratospheric,’ and are cited as an influence by many of the bands operating in the scene today. 

November 13, 2015 by Alexandra Dunn

New Stock of Previously Sold Out Vinyl: Singapore Sling, Dead Skeletons & More

We've just received some stock back from one of our US stockists and it's full of sold out releases! Some of these are fetching very high prices on Discogs so we're lucky to have them back in store. Here they are...

Buy The Underground Youth Low Slow Needle Vinyl Shop

Dead Skeletons - Buddha Christ £20

The Underground Youth - Delirium

Singapore Sling - Never Forever

Lucid Dream - Erbistock Mill £16

Lucid Dream - Erbistock Mill £16

November 12, 2015 by Alexandra Dunn

Psych, Fuck, Punk & Dada with Henrik Bjornsson from Singapore Sling


Singapore Sling


Singapore Sling was born out of love and hate. Love for rock’n’roll and hatred for the majority of music that was around at the time. It was formed by Henrik Bjornsson back in 2000 in the beauty and darkness of Reykjavik, Iceland. Today Singapore Sling are renowned as one of the founding figures in the ballooning psych scene, where they keep things grounded with their garage-heavy, blues-tinged, whisky-breathed, psych fuck rock‘n’roll.   

Nathan J Barrett interviewed Henrik ahead of the release of their 8th album. The name really says it all but we thought we’d find out more.

Can you tell us a bit about the new album?
Psych Fuck. Well, when I was piecing together The Tower of Foronicity last year I had so many songs I was happy with that I was thinking about doing a double record. But that was obviously still going to be too long. Casper (from Fuzz Club) suggested we do Part One and Part Two, which I thought was a good idea except I decided to name this one Psych Fuck instead of Part Two. Psych Fuck was one of the titles I was considering anyway and the title fits this one. This one's more fucked up.

What about it makes it more fucked up? Musically or lyrically or..?
It´s songs from the same sessions so they don't sound much different. They just sound a bit more fucked up because of the way they’re mixed and mastered - they sound more like demos. But for the Tower of Foronicity I chose the songs that fit best together lyrically. There is a certain theme there and the theme is "foronicity". On Psych Fuck there isn't really a theme, although it's mostly a continuation of the foronicity. 

Psych Fuck, Singapore Sling   Tower of Foronicity, Singapore Sling    Psych Fuck, Singapore Sling
I remember hearing some of the songs last year before you narrowed down to the final track list. I really loved the songs with your sister, Anna. She has a beautiful, haunting voice, and it really matches the style of music. Is this something you always wanted to do together?  
Anna has sung on Singapore Sling songs before. She sang on a couple of songs on The Curse and on Life Is Killing My Rock´N´Roll. You're right about her voice. She will definitely be singing on more of my songs in the future.


“Try” is one of my favorites on the new album. That guitar in there just burrows into your soul, and never seems to let go. How do you go about your songwriting? For instance, in this song, was it the guitar that drove it, because it seems like such a vital component to the song?
I get an idea for what kind of a song I want to do. I get an idea for a riff, a beat or a melody, then I record that and then something happens that might take that idea somewhere else. Recording and playing is part of the writing process. In "Try" the guitar was of course part of the idea. I didn't know how I was going to do it though until I started playing around with the guitar and pedals.

Many years ago, you had some ventures in film making, and even had a TV show called, Konfekt. How have those experiences influenced your art and Singapore Sling over the years?
I´m glad to hear you mention Konfekt. It was the best job I´ve ever had in my life. I could do whatever the psych fuck I wanted and get paid for it! It was presented as a "cultural" TV show but it was in fact an absolutely absurd show unlike anything that had been on television before. We made short dadaistic sketches and took absolutely foronic interviews. We basically did whatever we felt like doing. We wrote down every idea we had and were able to make something out of most of them and create what we wanted. I do that with music as well. It's the same thing really, just a different medium.

I haven't really had any ventures in actual filmmaking apart from playing a couple of roles in short films by my friend Thorgeir Guðmundsson (Tank). But I would love to have some proper ventures in film making. I would love to do soundtracks.


Speaking of influences, what else do you draw inspiration from? Certain music, film, nature… what feeds the fire?
Apart from getting inspiration from music I have always been inspired by other things like movies, books and art. Movements like Punk and Dada had a big influence on me when I was a teenager and they still inspire me. Punk and Dada are probably my biggest influences. Punk, Dada and The Velvet Underground.

What I want to do with my music is to create a world of my own. Something different from this "real" and "normal" (boring) world we live in. And to create a certain mood. Be it dark, cool, beautiful or completely twisted and absurd. (So I guess, like, God is my biggest influence, y´know? He, like, created a whole world, y´know?)

A few years ago, there was a group of artists, mainly from Iceland, that were part of the Vebeth Collective.  What can you tell us about this, and is it still around today?
It was just a way to unite friends who were making music and art under one moniker. No, Vebeth is finished. I still love and keep contact with most of those bands though.

I heard a rumor about a new project you possibly have coming up. Can you tell us anything about that?
I have a project with a friend coming up called The Pure Essence of Dirt but I can't imagine where you heard about that. It´s a live project and we we´re planning on doing performances mostly in galleries or unusual venues.

Hernik Bjornsson - Singapore Sling


What is your first memory of music, one that made you fall in love with it? Or did you just slowly fall in love with music?
My parents were music lovers so there was always music around me, but mostly classical and jazz. I discovered rock´n´roll a bit later and fell in love with it immediately. I still love classical and jazz though and just about all kinds of music, except shit music.

Thank you so much for this Henrik! Always a pleasure! Any last words to send our readers off on a mind fuck while they listen to Psych Fuck?
Yeah, fuck school.

Psych Fuck has been pushed back to November 13th due to severe delays at the pressing plant. Pre orders will be sent out as soon as the records come in. 

Click through here for pre-order.

October 09, 2015 by Nathan Barret