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My Invisible Friend

Fuzz Club are beyond excited to announce our latest signing, the otherworldly shoegaze/noise pop trio My Invisible Friend, based out of Parma, Italy. Fuzz Club have become known as exquisite purveyors of all things noise and My Invisible Friend are undoubtedly testament to that. The band are set to release their self-titled EP on September 19th 2016.

Clash Magazine premiered the first single from the EP, a “hugely expansive 18 minute trip-out”  titled ‘Sleepless’ and described the bands unfathomable noise as “unrelenting noise rock with some moments of refreshing, shimmering beauty, the minimal framework is pushed to the limit.”


The EP is three tracks of ethereal shoegaze propelled by a motorik kraut-indebted drive - channelling the dark, murky depths of The Black Angels, the washed-out haze of MBV, the prettiness of Cocteau Twins and the unremitting motorik rhythms of Kraftwerk.

Each track is an unstoppable blast of all-encompassing noise, with barely audible vocals floating underneath a harsh wall of effect-driven fuzz created by the billowing drone of reverb-soaked guitars, minimal percussion and pounding bass-lines that lock the track into a motorik motion.

The EP continuously flicks between dissonance and harmony. Whilst wrapped around a foreboding wall-of-noise, the chiming lead guitar and luscious synths shine a light through the sinister undertones. It's an engrossing and euphoric clash of noise that brings to mind the “gloomy emotive cool of Mary Chain proportions and a gargantuan post-rock explosion or two” Get Into This.

We asked the band a few questions and got them to curate a playlist of ten of their favorite tracks of all time

Who are the band members and what role does each of you play?

My Invisible Friend is Annalisa, who plays the bass, and guitarists Joe and Cristian. Since our songs mainly come from long improvisations, there's not a main “writer”: by listening to us you can notice there's not a lead singer, for example. Each of us sings in more or less the same number of songs, 'cos also vocals are improvised while we play.

Was any interesting or unusual gear used to record with?

Sure our most interesting gear is our drummer! It's a Roland TR-505, an old-fashioned drum machine which for sure helped us developing our krautrock side (and sound).

The rest of our set is pretty old-school in quality, but of course quantitatively considerable! We used loads of pedals, amps and cabs for this record to reach the sound we got in our minds. Some of our effects are homemade, tailored to our noisy desires!

Where and how was it recorded?

It was recorded in September at Big Pine Creek Recording Studio in Parma, where we live. We recorded our first EP there, too, so we were pretty confident with the ambient and with our sound engineer and friend Francesco.

According to our point of view about composing and playing our music, songs were not recorded in an isolated way. They were live-recorded in the studio, like we were playing for a gig, with very few overdubs. We definitely prefer that mood and that kind of “permeated” sound, where the sound of the space you're in is important, too.

To make an example, the eighteen-minutes-long song (Sleepless) was made in only one, straight take. And it was just perfect to us.

What is the story behind this album? What was it inspired by, how did it come about, how does it differ from previous work?

There's for sure a strong connection between our first EP (that we released only digitally) and this one as our writing style hasn't changed, but it definitely sounds more mature, nonetheless. Just like a little boy who has become a man.

Songs are more “structured” and our confidence with the kind of sound we were (and are) trying to reach has grown a lot.

With more awareness than before we managed to declare our love for 70s motorik krautrock, which has always been an inspiration, mixing it with our beloved walls of sounds and fuzz pedals.

How would you describe your sound?

A car crash between Neu! And My Bloody Valentine.

Joking aside, our sound is the result of the improvised mixture of our styles, which come from (sometimes) very different listenings: you can find some bass lines taken from Kraftwerk while a guitar is playing Sunn O))) and the other one a solo from Psychocandy... And it's not bad at all.

What are your plans for the future?

We're trying to transform our drummer Roland into a human being 

 We got the band to curate a ten-track playlist of their favourite tracks of all time, it's a delectable mix of The Telescopes, Neu, Kraftwerk, My Bloody Valentine, The Stone Roses, Paul Weller, Deafheaven, The Raveonettes, Beak and Einstuerzende Neubauten.



July 29, 2016 by Jack Palfrey