Listen To The First Single Off RMFTM's New Psych/Acid House LP, Subversive II

RMFTM Subversive II

RMFTM (Radar Men from The Moon) is a Dutch art collective who approach music as avant-garde exploration. The second LP in the Subversive trilogy is almost upon us. Throughout the series the group is looking to explore, deconstruct and subvert their creative process and themselves as a band. In doing so the immense head-on collision between psych and acid house stretches the definitions of noise, space and time. “Masked Disobedience” is the first single from the album and gives you an insight into the limitless and abrasive experimental properties of Subversive II: Splendor of the Wicked.

 “Masked Disobedience” begins and ends with harsh celestial static, underpinned by pounding drums and screeching synths. A hypnotising bass-line roils as the song races to its otherworldly climax forged by the industrial landscape of Eindhoven - it may send you deep into an introspective trance now but live it will get you moving.  

 Following on from their recent split single with White Hills, RMFTM have been ceaselessly affirming themselves as figures of psychedelic re-invention amongst their contemporaries. The band co-curate Eindhoven Psych Lab and this year they’ll be performing in collaboration with Gnod to coincide with the release of the new album. They’re known for their prolific live show, one they’ve taken on several European tours, appearing on numerous psych festivals including Liverpool Psych Fest, Eindhoven Psych Lab, Desertfest Berlin and Cosmosis Festival.

Teutonic beats provide the foundation for Subversive II, RMFTM then build on their sound by looking inwards at themselves to rip it up and start again by breaking down and rebuilding their artistic process. Snatches of guitar, swathes of synths and stabs of bass are all sampled and reconstructed. Imagine La Dusseldorf headlining an eighties acid house all-nighter.

But this is no soulless experiment, Subversive II has a beating, bleeding heart behind the incessant beat. It’s a relentless aural assault, each note a sand grain, mercilessly shifting, an idea mutating.

Subversive II: Splendor of The Wicked is available on deluxe edition and standard vinyl.

- Sean MacRae and Jack Palfrey

May 16, 2016 by Jack Palfrey

Listen to Dead Skeletons 'Live In Berlin'

Dead Skeletons

After two years of patiently waiting Dead Skeletons have finally blessed us with new music, in the shape of their latest LP Live In Berlin. The full album can be streamed below.

Their newest offering captures the Reykjavic band captivating the sweaty crowd at Berlin’s prestigious venue SO36 with their mesmerizing psych-indebted rock and roll. The audio was taken straight from the mixing desk and mastered by the band's own Ryan Carlson Van Kriedt of The Asteroid #4.

The Berlin show began with calm, floating drones that could have been forged in the tranquility of Iceland’s glaciers. Then the skeletal guitar line of "Om Varja Sattva Hung" slices in, propelled by a relentless motorik rhythm. The driving, precise beats throb like German experimentalists Neu! or La Dusseldorf

As the band played the opener, Nonni Dead started painting a canvas with a distorted skull contorted in a primal scream. Its finished form was like creation rising from a Kosmiche maelstrom, reminiscent of the boundless freeform of Ash Ra Tempel.

The opener lasts around eight minutes but it could be eight hours, eight days, eight years. It doesn't matter as time becomes irrelevant and one is lost in the euphoric moment. The opener bleeds into "Om Mani Padme Hum", a Buddhist chant for compassion. Above the throbbing pagan rhythm the mantra is repeated.

They get down and dirty on "Psycho Dead" with a sleazy bass line reminiscent of New York duo Suicide's classic “Johnny”, seeping with edge, danger and attitude. The phrase "Come to my death" repeats like a call to abandon fear and embrace life.

In a world of chaos and uncertainty, that night in Berlin was an oasis of life and positivity. In these troubled times Dead Skeletons are light shining through the dark. Never have they been so needed, or their message so relevant. Such is the intensity of the tracks that you can feel the energy, sensing the sweat dripping from the S036 walls. 

Live in Berlin is to be released in two double 12” gatefold editions, one standard edition and one as a Fuzz Club Exclusive (sold out). Both editions feature cover art taken from paintings by Nonni Dead, printed inner sleeves featuring photography from the show, a silk screened D side and embossed Fuzz Club logo. The standard vinyl is 180g heavy white vinyl (1200 copies).

The Fuzz Club Exclusive cover is also hand numbered, embossed, and is 180g black vinyl and limited to 300 copies.

The record will also be available on CD, cassette and with a new range of limited edition merchandise including tees and tote bags featuring the Dead Mantra logo, and 40cm x 40cm screen prints of the cover art on heavy card.

 - Sean MacRae

March 17, 2016 by Jack Palfrey

Meet the Labels at the Under The Arches Record Label Market

Under The Arches March

On the 5th of March Fuzz Club are kicking off Under The Arches, a new monthly record label market and live music event showcasing the best of the global psych scene. Held in the railway arches of London Fields Brewhouse, the event promises to be a mecca for lovers of independent music, as it brings together an incredible selection of labels from the US, UK and Europe in a collaborative celebration of the music we love.

To take us into the evening there will be a monthly selection of the most exciting local and touring bands playing such as The Underground Youth, Electric Eye, Younghusband, Gum Takes Tooth, 10,000 Russos, Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation, Chicos de Nazca, The Third Sound and some big hitters to be announced very soon.

To top it off we'll keep the crowds sated with street food and free craft beer tastings and tutorials. 

Entry to the label market is free and tickets to see the bands are £10-£12. For March's event both rounds of early bird tickets are long gone, but there are still some GA tickets available here. Make sure you like the Under The Arches Facebook page to be kept in the loop with all the sweet stuff we've got planned.

Here are the labels joining us on the day and some of the special vinyl they'll be packing for the occasion:

Captured Tracks

NY label Captured Tracks was born in 2008 by indie-label overlord Mike Sniper. Boasting a roster that includes DIIV, Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, Mac Demarco and loads more you can be sure that CT will bring a top shelf selection of vinyl.

Mexican Summer

Also founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2008 we’re really excited to have Mexican Summer bringing some of their extensive discography. They’ve released over 100 records across multiple formats – including releases from Best Coast, Ariel Pink, No Joy and Real Estate to name a few. They'll be bringing the first vinyl editions of Bosten racket makers Quilt's forthcoming album Plaza on limited edition ultra clear vinyl.

Fire Records

Fire Records is a London indie stalwart. In it’s early days it released music from Spacemen 3, Pulp, Teenage Fanclub and The Lemonheads, and more recently they have Guided by Voices, Giant Sand and Surf City on the roster. They’ve also got a secret guest playing the first Under The Arches who you’re not going to want to miss.

Rocket Recordings

Rocket Recordings have been dishing out some of the best in psych since 1998. Their roster includes Goat, Ngod, White Hills, Teeth of The Sea and loads more. They’ve promised they’re going to be bring some exclusives to Under The Arches and we can expect “the odd Rocket band or two performing live” so get excited.

Fuzz Club Records

We'll be celebrating the release of The Underground Youth's Mademoiselle with its first much-deserved vinyl pressing, and re-releases of Haunted and The Perfect Enemy For God. We'll also be holding stock of our highly anticipated new Black Editions, limited to 10 per release. It will also be your chance to pick up the first copies of some of our releases due out much later in March and April.

Hands in the Dark Records

Born in Desancan, France and London, Hands in the Dark have released music for The Oscillation, Housewives, Bitchin Bajas and more. On March 5th they'll be selling an exclusive pre-release run of The Oscillation's new album Monographic, so it'll be your chance to pick it up a couple of weeks before official release. Available in both black (600 copies) and white (400 copies) vinyl.

Sonic Cathedral

Sonic Cathedral is a London based record label specialising in all things noisy, they’ve put out records for Younghusband, The Vacant Lots, Spectres and many more of the bands we love.

Slovenly Recordings

Hailing from Reno, Nevada, Slovenly Recordings are one of the best outputs for garage, psych and punk, with an impressive roster including Acid Baby Jesus, The Oops, JC Satan, The Spits and the wonderfully named Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! They have a tonne of new releases in Feb and March which they'll be selling at the market, including new vinyl from Useless Eaters, Scraper, Wet Ones, Choke Chains, Bazooka, Avenue Z, Red Mass, Andy California, The Dirtiest, Ton Ton Macoutes... and more!

Fluffer Records

Formed in Whitechapel in 2013, Fluffer Records are penchants for fuzz, releasing music from Virgin Kids and Sewer Rats, and are huge supporters of the London underground scene.

Sideman Records

Sideman Records in a side venture of Captured Tracks’ Mike Sniper. Holding a vast catalogue of rare, vintage and obscure used vinyl, they'll be curating a selection of vintage Americana gems rarely seen by a London audience. 

Super Fan 99

Super Fan 99 is a small but perfectly formed London record label specialising in Dream-pop, Americana, Psych and Indie-pop. Born out of several inspiring trips to Los Angeles, we release bands from across the globe on cassette and vinyl always in collectable short runs. Super Fan 99 loves interesting formats and has produced 5" and 8" square vinyl, heart shaped records and glittery tapes. All vinyl is hand-cut in Arizona with many releases selling out in a couple of hours. A true label for collectors and fans of under the radar gems.

1-2-3-4 Records

Born in Shoreditch, London 1-2-3-4 Records show a love for the LOUD, with a tight but great quality roster including the legendary Buzzcocks, Arrows of Love and Love Buzzard.

Software Recording Company

Software Recording Company is an electronic record label whose roster includes Thug Entrancer, Co La, Ben Zimmerman and Suicideyear.

Anthology Recordings

Anthology Recordings was born in 2004 as a reissue imprint releasing rare obscure vinyl ranging from all corners of music such as surf, psych and dub.

- Jack Palfrey

New Live Session by Sonic Jesus for 'Triumph'

If you haven't been lucky to experience a Sonic Jesus live show then check out their latest live session for 'Triumph', following on from the first in this series for 'Reich'. Both songs are taken off Neither Virtue Nor Anger, the highly-acclaimed debut record from the Italian outfit.

A dark, brooding affair expertly exercising an array of influences from shoegaze, psych, krautrock, goth and post-punk. The record is introspective, hypnotic and has seen them compared to the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, A Place To Bury Strangers and The Black Angels. Coming in at ninety minutes long and spanning four sides of vinyl, Neither Virtue Nor Anger "feels like you're embarking on an epic descent into some collective psychic and spiritual underworld, from which you may never emerge," according to The Quietus.

Sonic Jesus will be touring Europe in Spring 2016. Please contact us via the website form for enquiries.

The live session for Reich was premiered in October by Sly Vinyl.

You can still pick up the record on double LP, CD and digital from our store.

December 16, 2015 by Jack Palfrey

Fuzz Club Festival in Pictures

Still got those post-Fuzz Club Festival blues? Relive the fest with these gritty behind-the-scenes photos shot by Lilly Creightmore

Head over to The Line of Best Fit to see all the photos.

Fuzz Club Festival 2015
Fuzz Club Festival
Fuzz Club Festival
Fuzz Club Festival
Fuzz Club Festival
Fuzz Club Festival
December 16, 2015 by Jack Palfrey