The Entrance Band at Under The Arches (IN PHOTOS)

The Entrance Band at Under The Arches (in photos)
At the start of May 2016, LA based psych outfit The Entrance Band came to stay at Fuzz Club HQ for a few days. Not only did they put on an insanely mesmerising show at Under The Arches but we also dragged them to the studio to cook up something pretty special. We'll have more news on that soon, for now though you can relive their amazing performance at the Brewhouse with the photos below.
June 02, 2016 by Jack Palfrey

One Unique Signal at Under The Arches (in photos)

Anyone at London Fields Brewhouse on May 7th for our last Under The Arches will agree that One Unique Signal put on a pretty special live show. Their industrial psych is a hypnotic assault of psychedelic, kraut and post-rock tendencies. Check out the photos from the show below.

Their performance came after Fuzz Club released their incredible LP 'Hoopsnake', a collaboration between the three core band members and 20 of their contemporaries, including The Oscillation’s Damian Castellanos and Steven Lawrie of The Telescopes. You can still get the record on vinyl, cassette and CD on our store.




May 27, 2016 by Jack Palfrey

Dead Rabbits at Under The Arches (in photos)

At May's Under The Arches we were lucky enough to have our very own Dead Rabbits there to woo us with their swirling mix of psych and shoegaze. If you missed them you can now re-live their majestic performance through these great photos, courtesy of Andrea Shamlou.

Don't forget we recently repressed their stunning album The Ticket That Exploded so be sure to pick that up on cassette, CD or vinyl over at our store.

May 23, 2016 by Jack Palfrey

A Peak Inside Lisbon Psych Fest 2016


This April, Portugal sees the return of Lisbon Psych Fest. Taking place in the vibrant heart of the coastal metropolis, the event will gather international musicians as well as mind expanding visual artists in the culturally rich Bairro Alto neighbourhood. We caught up with organiser Tommy from Killer Mathilda to delve into the genesis of the festival. The Fuzz Club presence is strong this year, with The Underground Youth, 10 000 Russos, The Orange Revival, and TAU all slated to appear. Pre-sale tickets are still available on the official site

What motivated the originators of this festival to create this event?

Tommy: Basically, we're a group of friends who grew up in Lisbon with some of us having different international backgrounds living in the US, UK, Sweden, and elsewhere, but finally settled in Lisbon. In rediscovering our hometown we realised there exists a certain potential in terms of venues and spaces for projects like these. Being back in Lisbon opened up an opportunity and desire to export that same experience in a way. We also went to the first edition of Levitation France in Angers back in 2013.

We've always listened to rock & roll - from more folky rhythm and blues to psychedelic stuff....always trying to discover old and new scenes. So witnessing a psych revival with different bands, labels and festivals appearing all over, gave us a desire to follow it and try to do something of the same nature in our hometown. Furthermore, we saw Lisbon as an obvious but sometimes neglected stop on European touring circuits for small independent bands. We just wanted to be a part of something, having bands over that we like and put up some great parties which Lisbon definitely has a touch for. Ultimately, just wanting to be involved somehow in the cultural renaissance of Lisbon through music.

 Above: 10 000 Russos, Fuzz Club Festival 2015

What type of experience is Lisbon Psych Fest aiming to create?

We're a small indoor festival which gathers bands of a similar psych genre under the same roof for two days. We like the idea of gathering improbable bands from very different cultural background but that nevertheless relate to each other under the psych umbrella. For instance, this year we'll be having Chui Wan from Beijing, China, as well as Chicos de Nazca from Santiago, Chile. Basically, gathering a diverse range of bands from around the world.

It's also about creating an affordable, indoor, music-centric festival that is in the city centre and outside the typical summer-festival season, and intimate in the sense that musicians, audience and staff all work and interact with each other in a laid back environment.

We work with an amazing venue, unique in the sense that it is housed in a former printing press in one of the oldest neighbourhoods (Bairro Alto) in Lisbon that recently celebrated its 500 year anniversary. It's the coming together of the psych community in the Iberian peninsula and beyond at a unique meeting point.

Above: Chicos de Nazca

What is the general music scene in Lisbon like (as well as the psych/garage/underground scene)?

There's a growing number of bands appearing in Lisbon everyday under different alternative genres and as there are a number of very well-established venues in Lisbon (such as ZDB and Musicbox) - and others more recent, such as Sabotage or Damas - with regular agendas and the steady booking of bands has enabled a good flow of concerts all year a long, which of course gives the opportunity for a lot of emerging bands to play. Coupled with this are a number of new promoters who are also seeking to bring new bands and take advantage of the growing number of venues...

This is also starting to make a difference in breaking away from the sole habit of mainly summer festivals gathering and attracting audiences. In some sense, Lisbon Psych Fest hopes to compliment this phenomena by adding to the agenda as a small time, off season, urban music festival. The paradox these last years in Portugal, is that amid the economic crisis which has meant people have less money to spend, gigs and festivals continue to boom and promoters have the difficult task in trying to make these affordable while at the same time guaranteeing a wide audience.

How did the debut of the festival go for you all? Will there be any expansions or additions from last year?

Our debut went surprisingly very well....good turnout and very positive feedback from the press, and we had a number of people coming from other cities in Portugal as well as from abroad. The bands gave a us really good feedback as well, and they enjoyed besides the festival itself, the opportunity of being in the center of Lisbon and to be able stroll around town for some hours during the day.

This year we're expanding in terms of the lineup, bringing a few bigger names, and adding two kickoff events at the renowned ZDB with a very special guest! As well as at Musicbox with a really interesting Russian band, and an opening act of a great promise in the Portuguese independent music scene: Ghost Hunt. We're expecting to collaborate with some local artists who will display their work at an exhibition within the venue, as well as a pioneer liquid light experiment.

Above: The Orange Revival, Viper Room, Los Angeles California Fall 2015

What things do you look for in bands/artists to put them on the lineup?

Our aim is to promote the local music scene and bands that we perceive could be whisked up into the international psych scene, and maybe LPF might be a first step into touring abroad. We were really happy to see Dreamweapon from Porto do a tour in the UK last year. This year we'll be having Sun Blossoms, Ganso, and Twin Transistors (from Leiria) who we think are really promising emerging acts in Portugal. We're also really excited to have Alek Rein (from Lisbon) and his full band this year, who will be playing his long-awaited first full-length album (out in the Spring).

Above all, we are looking for bands we like and listen to and take into consideration bands that have gotten good feedback in Portugal and played before. We also debut bands that we believe have a unique sound that will last within the genre and beyond. When Pauw and Desert Mountain Tribe played last year, they had only released their EPs, and since then have put out their debut records and played in major festivals such as Liverpool, for instance.

This year we'll have The Orange Revival, a band that has put out some amazing records and we'll surely be seeing them more and more around Europe (with their latest out on Fuzz Club). Amazing Portuguese trio 10 000 Russos. New project by Shaunny (Dead Skeletons and Camera). And of course, Gnod and The Underground Youth who have played before and are already well known.

Stay tuned to the Fuzz Club blog for more upcoming festival updates. The season is nigh!

- Lindsay Krause 

March 02, 2016 by Lindsay Crause

Meet the Labels at the Under The Arches Record Label Market

Under The Arches March

On the 5th of March Fuzz Club are kicking off Under The Arches, a new monthly record label market and live music event showcasing the best of the global psych scene. Held in the railway arches of London Fields Brewhouse, the event promises to be a mecca for lovers of independent music, as it brings together an incredible selection of labels from the US, UK and Europe in a collaborative celebration of the music we love.

To take us into the evening there will be a monthly selection of the most exciting local and touring bands playing such as The Underground Youth, Electric Eye, Younghusband, Gum Takes Tooth, 10,000 Russos, Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation, Chicos de Nazca, The Third Sound and some big hitters to be announced very soon.

To top it off we'll keep the crowds sated with street food and free craft beer tastings and tutorials. 

Entry to the label market is free and tickets to see the bands are £10-£12. For March's event both rounds of early bird tickets are long gone, but there are still some GA tickets available here. Make sure you like the Under The Arches Facebook page to be kept in the loop with all the sweet stuff we've got planned.

Here are the labels joining us on the day and some of the special vinyl they'll be packing for the occasion:

Captured Tracks

NY label Captured Tracks was born in 2008 by indie-label overlord Mike Sniper. Boasting a roster that includes DIIV, Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, Mac Demarco and loads more you can be sure that CT will bring a top shelf selection of vinyl.

Mexican Summer

Also founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2008 we’re really excited to have Mexican Summer bringing some of their extensive discography. They’ve released over 100 records across multiple formats – including releases from Best Coast, Ariel Pink, No Joy and Real Estate to name a few. They'll be bringing the first vinyl editions of Bosten racket makers Quilt's forthcoming album Plaza on limited edition ultra clear vinyl.

Fire Records

Fire Records is a London indie stalwart. In it’s early days it released music from Spacemen 3, Pulp, Teenage Fanclub and The Lemonheads, and more recently they have Guided by Voices, Giant Sand and Surf City on the roster. They’ve also got a secret guest playing the first Under The Arches who you’re not going to want to miss.

Rocket Recordings

Rocket Recordings have been dishing out some of the best in psych since 1998. Their roster includes Goat, Ngod, White Hills, Teeth of The Sea and loads more. They’ve promised they’re going to be bring some exclusives to Under The Arches and we can expect “the odd Rocket band or two performing live” so get excited.

Fuzz Club Records

We'll be celebrating the release of The Underground Youth's Mademoiselle with its first much-deserved vinyl pressing, and re-releases of Haunted and The Perfect Enemy For God. We'll also be holding stock of our highly anticipated new Black Editions, limited to 10 per release. It will also be your chance to pick up the first copies of some of our releases due out much later in March and April.

Hands in the Dark Records

Born in Desancan, France and London, Hands in the Dark have released music for The Oscillation, Housewives, Bitchin Bajas and more. On March 5th they'll be selling an exclusive pre-release run of The Oscillation's new album Monographic, so it'll be your chance to pick it up a couple of weeks before official release. Available in both black (600 copies) and white (400 copies) vinyl.

Sonic Cathedral

Sonic Cathedral is a London based record label specialising in all things noisy, they’ve put out records for Younghusband, The Vacant Lots, Spectres and many more of the bands we love.

Slovenly Recordings

Hailing from Reno, Nevada, Slovenly Recordings are one of the best outputs for garage, psych and punk, with an impressive roster including Acid Baby Jesus, The Oops, JC Satan, The Spits and the wonderfully named Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! They have a tonne of new releases in Feb and March which they'll be selling at the market, including new vinyl from Useless Eaters, Scraper, Wet Ones, Choke Chains, Bazooka, Avenue Z, Red Mass, Andy California, The Dirtiest, Ton Ton Macoutes... and more!

Fluffer Records

Formed in Whitechapel in 2013, Fluffer Records are penchants for fuzz, releasing music from Virgin Kids and Sewer Rats, and are huge supporters of the London underground scene.

Sideman Records

Sideman Records in a side venture of Captured Tracks’ Mike Sniper. Holding a vast catalogue of rare, vintage and obscure used vinyl, they'll be curating a selection of vintage Americana gems rarely seen by a London audience. 

Super Fan 99

Super Fan 99 is a small but perfectly formed London record label specialising in Dream-pop, Americana, Psych and Indie-pop. Born out of several inspiring trips to Los Angeles, we release bands from across the globe on cassette and vinyl always in collectable short runs. Super Fan 99 loves interesting formats and has produced 5" and 8" square vinyl, heart shaped records and glittery tapes. All vinyl is hand-cut in Arizona with many releases selling out in a couple of hours. A true label for collectors and fans of under the radar gems.

1-2-3-4 Records

Born in Shoreditch, London 1-2-3-4 Records show a love for the LOUD, with a tight but great quality roster including the legendary Buzzcocks, Arrows of Love and Love Buzzard.

Software Recording Company

Software Recording Company is an electronic record label whose roster includes Thug Entrancer, Co La, Ben Zimmerman and Suicideyear.

Anthology Recordings

Anthology Recordings was born in 2004 as a reissue imprint releasing rare obscure vinyl ranging from all corners of music such as surf, psych and dub.

- Jack Palfrey

The Ultimate List of Global Psych Fests

The Underground Youth

The list of live music experiences around the globe for fans of experimental sounds continues to grow each year. What used to be a scene centered in iconic hubs like San Francisco and London has infiltrated the hearts of sonic devotees in every corner of the world. We've compiled a list of over 48 upcoming festivals worth making the trek for, no matter where you reside. Make sure to keep an eye on the Fuzz Club blog for festival and event updates!

- Lindsay Krause

Photo: The Underground Youth at Liverpool Psych Fest 2015   


Brussels - Stellar Swamp February 19-20, 2016

Geel – Yellowstock Festival August 13-14, 2016


Montréal – Montreal Psych Fest 

Toronto – Night Owl Fest

Quebec City - Les Nuits Psychédéliques de Québec April 13-16 2016

Vancouver – Levitation Vancouver June 16-18, 2016


Santiago – En Orbita January 9th, 2016


Aarhus – Aarhus Psych Fest

Copenhagen – Copenhagen Psych Fest Spring Edition: March 3-4, 2016

Oulu - Uleåborg Festival Of Psychedelia July 15-16, 2016

Angers – Levitation France

Paris – Paris International Festival of Psychedelic Music June 18-19, 2016


Dresden – Reverberation Fest - 21-22 October 2016


Dublin – Reverberation Weekend April 8-9, 2016


Isola Vicentina – Il Faro Psych Fest

Lessinia – Lessinia Psych Fest


Mexico City - Festival NRML 12-13 March, 2016


Eindhoven – Eindhoven Psych Lab June 10-11, 2016


Oslo – Oslo Psych Fest


Évora – Black Bass

Lisbon – Lisbon Psych Fest April 15-16, 2016

Lisbon - Sound Bay Fest - 29 April - 1 May 2016

Valada – Reverence Valada September 8-10, 2016


Malmö – Malmo Psych Fest


Yverdon-les-Bains- Swiss Psych Fest


Leeds - Karma Fest May 29, 2016

Lewes – Lewes Psych Fest March 19, 2016

Liverpool – Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia September 23-24, 2016

London – Under The Arches, Presented By Fuzz Club - Monthly starting 5th March

London – Northern Star Celebrates 10 Years of Psychedelia May 14, 2016

London – The Psychedelia Smithsonian (monthly reoccurring event)

Manchester – Cosmosis Festival March 12th, 2016

Manchester – Manchester Psych Fest

Manchester - Rising June 25, 2016


Leggett, CA - Hickey Fest

Los Angeles, CA – LA Psych Fest

Mecca, CA – Desert Daze

Oakland, CA – Oakland Echo

Oakland, CA - Burger Boogaloo June 25-26, 2016

Pioneertown, CA – Desert Stars Festival September 23-24, 2016

Pomona, CA – Moon Block Party

San Francisco – Gathering of the Tribes Fest

Santa Ana, CA – Indigo Music Festival

Santa Ana, CA – Beach Goth

Santa Ana, CA – Santa Ana Psych Fest

Denver, CO – Synesthesia August 20th, 2016

Miami, FL - Mandala Music Festival May 28-29, 2016

Miami, FL - Melochromania (Monthly event)

Chicago, IL – Chicago Psych Fest Jan 28-30, 2016

Wichita, KS – Wichita Psych Fest 

Louisville, KY – Louisville Psych Fest

Boston, MA – Boston Fuzztival

Kansas City, MO – KC Psych Fest

Las Vegas, Nevada - Psycho Las Vegas August 26-28, 2016

Portland, OR – Summer Daze (Portland Psych Fest)

Austin, TX – Levitation Austin (Formerly Austin Psych Fest) April 29-May 1st, 2016

Seattle, WA – Hypnotikon

Seattle, WA – Northwest Psych Fest

Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee Psych Fest May 6th, 2016

February 10, 2016 by Lindsay Crause

Fuzz Club Festival in Pictures

Still got those post-Fuzz Club Festival blues? Relive the fest with these gritty behind-the-scenes photos shot by Lilly Creightmore

Head over to The Line of Best Fit to see all the photos.

Fuzz Club Festival 2015
Fuzz Club Festival
Fuzz Club Festival
Fuzz Club Festival
Fuzz Club Festival
Fuzz Club Festival
December 16, 2015 by Jack Palfrey

Throw Down Bones European Tour Dates

Throw Down Bones

Throw Down Bones have announced a 16 date tour of the UK and Europe to support their debut self titled album. The duo's infectious beats mixed with the raw energy of live rock n roll make them an incredible act to watch live. This is what the press has had to say about their live show...

Artrocker have fallen in love with Throw Down Bones since witnessing their blazing performance at the Fuzz Club Festival. The duo’s debut album is 8 tracks of thirst-quenching, experimental electronica. It is an experimental masterpiece.” - Artrocker Magazine (UK)

"With live performances at Liverpool Psych Fest and the Fuzz Club Festival both being treated with great accolades, if these recent performances and the quality of the album is anything to go by, [the Throw Down Bones tour] is not one to be missed." - Silent Radio (UK) 

For more info visit the Throw Down Bones tour event page

04/02/2016 BRISTOL - Mothers Ruin
05/02/2016 MANCHESTER - Gullivers
06/02/2016 NEWCASTLE - The Head Of Steam
07/02/2016 LONDON - Shacklewell Arms
08/02/2016 PARIS - L´International
09/02/2016 CLERMONT FERRAND - Le Raymond Bar
10/02/2016 BARRITZ Bayonne Bar Fest
11/02/2016 MADRID - Venue tba
12/02/2016 ZARAGOZA - Sala King Kong
13/02/2016 TOULOUSE - Venue tba
14/02/2016 PAMPLONA - Nebula
15/02/2016 MARSEILLE - Molotov
18/02/2016 RENNES - Mondo Bizzarro
19/02/2016 ROUEN - 3 Pieces
20/02/2016 BRUSSELS - Stellar Swamp Festival
21/02/2016 KORTRIJK - Cine Palace

Read more about Throw Down Bones
Introducing Experimental Coldwave Duo, Throw Down Bones (including full album stream)

December 02, 2015 by Alexandra Dunn

Trip The Light Fantastic: A Night of Photography, Film and Music

Trip The LIght Fantastic Exhibition Event

A truly kaleidoscopic night of mind expanding photography, film and music to raise glasses and funding towards the finishing of the documentary, Trip, which tells the story of the birth of psych.

Trip director Lilly Creightmore has been documenting psych culture and capturing performances and interviews from artists such as 13th Floor Elevators, Spacemen 3, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Black Angels, from Austin, to South Africa, the UK and into the hearts and minds of a global collective of psychedelic rock n rollers, movers, groovers and tambourine shakers.

Trip The Light Fantastic is the first in a series of preview events, which will showcase behind the scenes stills and footage from Trip alongside a kaleidoscopic array of audio-visual delights from Creightmore's collaborators.

On show there will be hand-painted portraits and a screening of Super 8 film Journey to Levitation shot by Antonio Curcetti on his maiden voyage to the infamous Levitation (Austin Psych Fest).

Light shows and experimental film loops by London's premier analogue projection wizard Julian Hand will also be on display alongside music from The Oscillation's Demian Castellanos, Tomaga, and a DJ set from Douglas Hart of The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Trip The Light Fantastic
Thursday 3rd December 2015
7.30 til late

Unit 2E, 20 Felstead Street
London E9 5LT 

Entry by cash donation 


December 01, 2015 by Alexandra Dunn

Singapore Sling's Psych Fuck Tour Dates

Singapore Sling Psych Fuck Tour

Singapore Sling will be playing 17 dates across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia kicking off on 27th January 2016. Check back for more ticketing and event info soon.

27th January - UK MANCHESTER - Gulliver

28th January - UK LONDON - Shacklewell Arms

29th January - Belgium BRUSSELS - Secret show

30th January - France PARIS - La Maroquinerie

1st February - Netherlands AMSTERDAM - Paradiso

2nd February - Germany HAMBURG - Hafenklang

3rd February - Sweden MALMÖE - Plan B

4th February - Norway OSLO - Revolver Club

5th February - Denmark COPENHAGEN - Stengade

6th February - Germany BERLIN - Bassy Club

7th February - Poland WARSAW - Kulturalna

8th February - Austrial WIEN - Arena

9th February - Italy PORDENONE - Astro Club

10th February - Italy RAVENNA - Bronson Club

12th February - Switzerland THUN - Mokka Bar

13th February - Germany FREIBURG - Slow Club

February - France LILLE Australian Bar

Join the Psych Fuck tour events page for updates and information. 

November 29, 2015 by Alexandra Dunn