Acquaint Yourself with The Underground Youth's 'Mademoiselle' on Vinyl

The Underground Youth

Manchester’s The Underground Youth have built an impressive back-catalogue of seven full-length albums showcasing a hazy cocktail of neo-psych, post-punk, shoegaze and chillwave, of which every copy of each album has been long sold out. Now for the first time ever, we're giving their highly sought-after album Mademoiselle a physical release, alongside reissues of their sold out 2013 and 2015 albums The Perfect Enemy For God and Haunted.

The story of Mademoiselle is a testament to the power of great music being able to reach an audience, regardless of the fact the artist might be unsigned, underground and almost unheard of. Originally released in 2010 and only available online, Mademoiselle has piled up millions of views on YouTube, and has seen The Underground Youth acquire a cult following at a ferocious pace.

The album has continued to endear audiences with its bluesy psychedelic leaning, based on beautifully crafted lyricism and a sculpted sound. Layers of reverb-drenched, folk-indebted guitars and forlorn vocals bleed over hypnotising, monolithic drums to create a record that is 46 minutes of lethargic, lo-fi psych mastery. 



The Underground Youth Mademoiselle Outer Sleeve
The Underground Youth Mademoiselle Inner Sleeve

To celebrate the release of the album, The Underground Youth will be headlining Fuzz Club’s new monthly London event Under The Arches on 5th March, followed by shows at Manchester’s Cosmosis Festival, Lisbon Psych Fest and the group’s fifth European tour.

The standard edition is pressed to heavy 180g white vinyl (1000 copies), and the deluxe edition is on black and white, heavy vinyl presented in a printed inner sleeve and hand numbered gatefold cover shown above (300 copies). Mademoiselle is also available on CD and cassette. 

First Look at the new Deluxe Edition of Sonic Jesus's Neither Virtue Nor Anger

NVNA Photography

Due to demand, Fuzz Club are repressing Sonic Jesus's sellout debut album, Neither Virtue Nor Anger, including a limited run of deluxe editions. 

Deluxe editions featuring heavyweight handmade covers and a series of black and white photographic portraits of band members Tiziano Veronese and Marco Baldassari presented as a booklet. Photos by Emanuele Manco.

They will also be accompanied by a special press of the upcoming Locomotive 7" featuring a new track "Never In My Mind" and remix of "Locomotive" by Sonic Boom aka Pete Kember of Spaceman 3 and Spectrum. Both the LP and 7" vinyls are white with black spatter, an update on the original press's black with coloured splatter. 

Past releases by Sonic Jesus are already fetching impressive prices on Discogs, including one lowly promo CD that's currently listed for €150. (Perhaps it's time for us to clear out our promo draw in the search for hidden gems!!!)

'This album will become a holy grail within no-time! This is one you’d better not sleep on.' - Sly Vinyl on Neither Virtue Nor Anger first press. 


Stream the new track "Never In My Mind" and the full album below

October 28, 2015 by Alexandra Dunn