One Unique Signal

One Unique Signal have shared 'HSO4' the closing track from their new album Hoopsnake. The third album from the experimental noise masters, Hoopsnake is a collaboration between the three core band members and 20 of their contemporaries, including The Oscillation’s Demian Castellanos and Steven Lawrie of The Telescopes, who all produced music inspired by a single riff.

The riff was born from a repetitious loop originating from the sessions for their previous LP, the Sonic Boom mastered Aether. The band then recorded two versions of it (one a loud, guitar-driven take, the second a softer synth passage) and shared it with friends and collaborators, inviting each artist to create a corresponding sonic interpretation, which have all been mixed into four separate tracks of about 10 minutes in length.

'HS04' is an ethereal whirlwind of looming, eerie synths. A soft, comatose wall of noise that sends you deep into a dream-like state, building and building as you lose yourself in Hoopsnake's majestic finale.

 Hoopsnake is available on vinyl, deluxe edition vinyl, CD and cassette. The deluxe edition vinyl is sold out. They will be playing Under The Arches on May 7th in London alongside The Entrance Band, The Oscillation and Purple Heart Parade, join the event page here