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Stream The Flow In Between by Tales of Murder and Dust in Full

Posted on March 23 2016

tales of murder and dust

Danish five-piece Tales of Murder and Dust has produced a bleak but beautiful pysch classic-in-the-making with The Flow In Between, and it's now available to stream in full below. Their most expansive release to date, it embraces opiate blues, drone rock, orchestral swathes and New York no-wave experimentalism whilst seamlessly drifting from pummelling noise to orchestral fragility.

We were first given a taste of The Flow In Between with a free download of "Sisters", the first single taken off the LP. The single foreshadowed the motorik bass lines, gloomy vocals, ethereal reverb and mass of feedback that would make this entire record a deeply immersive listen. This was followed by second single and its suitably atmospheric video.

With this album there is a longing melancholia lurking beneath the surface which is deeply raw and affecting, making this album to modern psych what Joy Division’s Closer was to the eighties. However, as melancholic as it gets there is also a hint of light amidst the shade: an underlying optimism.

Opening with a chiming Eastern coda "Distorted Ways" is the band rising from the depths, breaking the surface for some air and sun. Slowly it grows, building in intensity, quickening the pace until a wild euphoric climax where it all comes crashing down, embracing the chaos. It is Spacemen 3’s "Suicide" meeting head on with Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s "World Police". Closing track "Endless Repetition" sees them sink beneath the surface once again, a forlorn lament on isolation, before drifting into the distance.

Tales of Murder and Dust will be touring the US and Europe later this year including an appearance at Psycho Las Vegas. More details to be announced very soon.

The Flow In Between is available on 180g heavy ultra clear vinyl (500 copies) and CD. The deluxe edition is sold out. 

- Sean MacRae