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Listen to Dead Skeletons 'Live In Berlin'

Posted on March 17 2016

Dead Skeletons

After two years of patiently waiting Dead Skeletons have finally blessed us with new music, in the shape of their latest LP Live In Berlin. The full album can be streamed below.

Their newest offering captures the Reykjavic band captivating the sweaty crowd at Berlin’s prestigious venue SO36 with their mesmerizing psych-indebted rock and roll. The audio was taken straight from the mixing desk and mastered by the band's own Ryan Carlson Van Kriedt of The Asteroid #4.

The Berlin show began with calm, floating drones that could have been forged in the tranquility of Iceland’s glaciers. Then the skeletal guitar line of "Om Varja Sattva Hung" slices in, propelled by a relentless motorik rhythm. The driving, precise beats throb like German experimentalists Neu! or La Dusseldorf

As the band played the opener, Nonni Dead started painting a canvas with a distorted skull contorted in a primal scream. Its finished form was like creation rising from a Kosmiche maelstrom, reminiscent of the boundless freeform of Ash Ra Tempel.

The opener lasts around eight minutes but it could be eight hours, eight days, eight years. It doesn't matter as time becomes irrelevant and one is lost in the euphoric moment. The opener bleeds into "Om Mani Padme Hum", a Buddhist chant for compassion. Above the throbbing pagan rhythm the mantra is repeated.

They get down and dirty on "Psycho Dead" with a sleazy bass line reminiscent of New York duo Suicide's classic “Johnny”, seeping with edge, danger and attitude. The phrase "Come to my death" repeats like a call to abandon fear and embrace life.

In a world of chaos and uncertainty, that night in Berlin was an oasis of life and positivity. In these troubled times Dead Skeletons are light shining through the dark. Never have they been so needed, or their message so relevant. Such is the intensity of the tracks that you can feel the energy, sensing the sweat dripping from the S036 walls. 

Live in Berlin is to be released in two double 12” gatefold editions, one standard edition and one as a Fuzz Club Exclusive (sold out). Both editions feature cover art taken from paintings by Nonni Dead, printed inner sleeves featuring photography from the show, a silk screened D side and embossed Fuzz Club logo. The standard vinyl is 180g heavy white vinyl (1200 copies).

The Fuzz Club Exclusive cover is also hand numbered, embossed, and is 180g black vinyl and limited to 300 copies.

The record will also be available on CD, cassette and with a new range of limited edition merchandise including tees and tote bags featuring the Dead Mantra logo, and 40cm x 40cm screen prints of the cover art on heavy card.

 - Sean MacRae