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The Haunted Enemy For Blog

Posted on January 25 2016

The Underground Youth Perfect Enemy For God VinylWith represses of Haunted and The Perfect Enemy For God underway, we discuss how each album fits within The Underground Youth's impressive discography, and take a look at the vinyl artwork for each.

Haunted is the seventh LP from Manchester’s The Underground Youth and the latest in an extensive discography that has earned Craig Dyer cult stardom within the underground music community, as well as clocking up millions of listens and a global following.

The Underground Youth Haunted VinylIn no way less insatiable than the six records and three EP’s previous to it, Haunted drifts from the neo-psych and folk sensibilities of The Underground Youth’s earlier releases and instead offers up his renowned psychedelia with a more brooding taste of hypnotic post-punk and a murky gothic undertone. 

Haunted feels dark and melancholic as dreamy vocals croon over shoegaze and post-punk indebted guitars. Simplistic drumbeats bleed through to make the record feel desolate and entrancing.

Albeit a gloomy affair, Dyer still exercises his ability to write some of the catchiest pop melodies in psych. It’s not very often you find a record that feels eerily introspective and immersive while equally as infectious and difficult to get out of your head.

The Underground Youth Perfect Enemy For God Vinyl2013’s The Perfect Enemy for God is the sixth studio LP from The Underground Youth. Showcasing a clear influence of neo-psych, post-punk and shoegaze, the record feels lethargic in the best way as reverb-soaked vocals and whimsical harmonies blur over jangly, shimmering guitars to tell a bittersweet story.

It’s easy to get lost in this record as you find yourself being thrown between the dark, longing corners of one track – such as “Tokyo Blue’s” forlorn guitars and eerie harmonies – and the upbeat pop sensibilities of others – like “Rodion’s” jingle-esque melody.

The Underground Youth Perfect Enemy For God VinylProduced by Dyer himself, the incredible production of this album heightens its allure as copious amounts of reverb, harmonies, and perfect use of dynamics send you into a dreamy haze from the first listen.

The Haunted repress is limited to 500 standard edition copies on 180g heavy black vinyl, and just 100 copies of the deluxe edition on colour-in-colour coke bottle and ultra-clear vinyl, each coming with a printed inner sleeve using photography featured here, and a hand-numbered gatefold cover.

The Perfect Enemy for God is being repressed onto 180g heavy ultra-clear vinyl (700 copies) and the deluxe edition will be on coke bottle clear vinyl with black splatter (300 copies), again with printed inner sleeves and a hand numbered gatefold cover.

- Jack Palfrey 

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