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The Fading Youth Of Dead Rabbits' The Ticket That Exploded

Posted on January 22 2016

Buy Dead Rabbits Ticket That Exploded Vinyl Repress

We’re very happy to announce the repress of Dead Rabbits’ stunning debut album The Ticket That Exploded, originally released in 2013.

Through phaser-heavy production, storming drums and warped keys, The Ticket That Exploded captures the bleak reality of growing up in modern Britain. It’s a record that captures a time and a place, portraying brute honesty and melancholy through a talent for song writing that many artists chase. Fuzzed-up chords ring out seemingly at their own leisure and organs drone on beneath them as frontman Tom Hayes’ frustration and despair pierces through.

Looking back on the album, Hayes muses: “If the record was a film it would be a film based on my life at the time. Basically a film that depicts a man walking in the rain purposely jumping in front of every vehicle that goes past.”

Dead Rabbits The Ticket That Exploded Buy Vinyl RepressDead Rabbits were one of the earlier Fuzz Club signings and took the closing spot of the first Reverb Conspiracy compilation, where the mantra-like lyric ‘It’s only just begun’ seemed the perfect summary of both Fuzz Club and Dead Rabbits at the time.

The Dead Rabbits sound takes the Brian Jonestown Massacre-inspired psychedelic rock sonic aesthetic and crashes it head on with Lou Reed’s simplistic guitar work and Jason Pierce’s absurd yet painfully human poetry.

The album’s centrepiece, ‘It’s All in Her Head’, has never lost its place in the band’s live set, and with good reason. It stretches its way across uncontained six minutes with a hypnotically repetitious organ melody crafted by keyboardist Paul Seymour, and Link Wray-influenced raw guitars, which create a surreal backdrop to Hayes’ despairing vocals.

Perhaps the best summary of the band’s ethos, however, is the skeletal yet effortlessly ornate ‘It’s You’. The line ‘you’re losing yourself, you’re finding yourself” sums up almost too perfectly what the band are. They’re the gradual realisation that youth slips away and people change, but it doesn’t have to be for the worst. They’re the sound of finding something new by stepping away from preconceptions and old ideas: a perfect summary of a new band finding its position in a fledgling scene.



We’re thrilled to have The Ticket That Exploded available again for all the old fans and new fans alike to be able to own.

Buy Dead Rabbits The Ticket That Exploded Vinyl

The Ticket that Exploded is now available for pre-order on vinyl in standard and deluxe edition. Standard edition is 180g heavy black vinyl and deluxe edition is 180g transparent red vinyl with gatefold cover featuring a hand-drawn illustration of the band by Olya Dyer of The Underground Youth. The album is also available on CD and cassette.

- Marty Hill

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