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Repress of Sonic Jesus's Sold Out Debut Album

Posted on October 23 2015

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Sonic Jesus blew away audiences earlier this year with the unrelenting sonic intensity of their debut album, Neither Virtue Nor Anger, giving the Italian duo near-deity status among psych enthusiasts, and creating a mild frenzy among vinyl collectors.

Due to demand, we've repressed the album including a run of deluxe editions. Deluxe editions come with a special edition of Sonic Jesus's Locomotive 7" which is due for release on the same day, 20th November 2015. 

A four sided epic of industrial darkness, Neither Virtue Nor Anger rippled through the underground gaining critical acclaim from Consequence of Sound, The Quietus, Drowned In Sound, Clash Music, and Exclaim!









Buy Sonic Jesus Neither Virtue Nor Anger Shop

Sonic Jesus say the album represents 50 years of music, and critics have noted many influences among the guitar laden electronica and fuzz: industrial noise, post punk, folk, glam rock, heavy metal, calypso and more ‘traditional’ new psych sounds such as psychedelia, blues and shoegaze. 

But rather than sounding like a schizophrenic pastiche, Neither Virtue Nor Anger has been praised as a rich and masterful creation, made by talented artists who combined their influences then left them to simmer and dissolve together to form an entirely new entity, which is something much more interesting and complex than the sum of its parts.

This is something that has been praised in reviews of the album such as by Drowned In Sound who say 'Neither Virtue Nor Anger goes above and beyond the realms of your average psych record. Sonic Jesus can lay claim to releasing one of the scene's – and this year's – finest collections.'

The Quietus says ‘Its uncompromising dedication to pursuing its own singularly dank metaphor lifts this record above its peers towards the flagellant intensity of Current 93 or Swans...Sonic Jesus have conclusively proved themselves the contemporary masters’.

Buy Sonic Jesus Neither Virtue Nor Anger ShopClash Music put it well when they said ‘If you decide to name your band Sonic Jesus then you're going to need to back it up with something special.’ Indeed they did.

Sly Vinyl wrote 'This album will become a holy grain within no time. This is one you'd better not sleep on.'

If Sonic Jesus are the unbridled new future of underground rock and roll - modern, raw, experimental and forward looking - then it's a future we want to be part of. 


Standard press is available for pre-order here, £22.50
Deluxe Edition is available for pre-order here, £35 including additional 7"