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Vuelvetelocas "Alta Montaña" video

Posted on October 16 2017

Vuelveteloca ‘Cientologia & Altiplano’ video
'Cientologia & Altiplano' is a racing high-octane cut that pummels through its eight-minute running time with a formidable gusto - a perfect exercise in what Vuelveteloca do best, a cosmic psychotropic journey driven by a relentless rhythm, though not without reverb-smitten melody, set against beautiful visuals of the band playing live in an old lapis lazuli mineral mine just outside of Santiago. When discussing the meaning of the song, the band explain: "This is a song about the desert and life on other planets. It’s also about the crazy idea of Scientology (or 'Cientologia'), that a science fiction creature from space came to Earth and now rich people adore it, building temples and engaging in secretive, almost cult worship. We thought, “What would that creature from another planet think if it were to supposedly to arrive now? What if it arrived in the Chilean desert, the Altiplano?'"