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The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 5 Out Now

Posted on February 13 2018

Reverb Conspiracy Volume 5

 To get the new year off to a flying start we are delighted to announce The Reverb Conspiracy: Volume 5, which is available from our store now.

 Joining a number of our own artists – including 10,000 Russos, The Gluts, and JuJu - are physical exclusives from TRAAMS and their biting motorik post-punk, cult Italian psych-rockers Julie’s Haircut and the harrowing psychedelic snarl of Portsmouth upstarts Melt Dunes as well as many, many more. Vol 5 clocks in at a hefty 16 tracks and features an eclectic range of some of the best in underground music - stream it below. On Volume 5, Fuzz Club head-honcho Casper had this to say: “Be it psych, garage-rock, post-punk, shoegaze, krautrock or just straight up rock’n’roll, whatever your shtick underground music has never been better than it is right now. The aim of these annual Reverb Conspiracy compilations has been our attempt to try and document the ridiculously good music out there at the minute. As the World At Large seems to be veering into an eerie, increasingly-divided dystopia, let’s forget about all the doom and gloom for a second and be unified by one thing – just good f*cking music. Forget a ‘scene’, this is a movement."