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Routine Death's new album, 2 Weeks To 4 Months Out Now

Posted on October 22 2019

Routine Death's new album, 2 Weeks To 4 Months Out Now

Stream the Gothenburg-via-Texas duo's new album in full

Fusing together shoegaze-y psych-pop and lo-fi electronics to create something that's at times mesmerising and atmospheric and at others, distorted and unpredictable, Routine Death's new album "Weeks To 4 Months" is out in the world now. The new LP arrives following their 2018 debut album Parallel Universes and a summer of live dates that included a short tour with Wooden Shjips and an incredible show at Fuzz Club Eindhoven 2019. You can stream the RECORD in full below. Where "Parallel Universes" was a more minimalist affair the band, after all, credit their sound to cheap guitar, midi and bedroom recordings "2 Weeks to Four Months" sees the duo embrace their electronic side to much more all-consuming effect, though never once sacrificing those lo-fi sensibilities. Again, Dustin says, not strictly a decision made out of choice but a welcome challenge nonetheless. There's the sprawling 80s synthscapes of album-opener 'Penny' and the hypnotic Spiritualized-meets-Tangerine Dream drones of Mars. Later on, the manipulated loops and samples heard throughout 'A Tale Of Two Revolutions' help form a sublime piece of ambient dream-pop that shows Routine Death at their most experimental. Though the album does over veer into more electronic grounds, "2 Weeks To 4 Months" is still prone to the same outbursts of overblown noise-pop that could be found on their debut album too, only this time around it's far more fleshed-out and evolved. On "Hot In November" lo-fi guitar noise and Lisa's entrancing vocals take centre-stage. Similar moments include 'Stay' and 'Shadow Mountain', both consumed by post-punk basslines, jangling guitars soaked in reverb and mesmerising synths. Elsewhere on the album, the oscillating psychedelic pop of 'Tubeway Revolution' and 'Spies' retain all their dreaminess even when dissolving into thick walls of noise and 'With My Broken Heart' and album-closer 'BA792' both sound like My Bloody Valentine if Kevin Shields became more obsessed with drum machines and analogue synths than finding that guitar tone.

Lisa and Dustin two musicians from Sweden and the US respectively met whilst Dustin was on the road with his previous band Holy Wave. Now married but still separated by 7000 odd miles, the pair began working on music together to bide the time and give them something to channel themselves into collectively. After a few years spent recording things in their bedrooms and sending them forwards and backwards via WeTransfer, in 2018 the duo released their first set of songs as Routine Death: a debut album called "Parallel Universes". Just over a year on and they’re back with another collection of songs which, Dustin says, picks up where the last left off: "2 weeks to 4 months is the second part of this whole thing. There are some similarities to the last record, Lisa and I wrote and recorded it separately for the most part. It's a collection of songs that are pretty reflective and cohesive of a certain period of our lives. When I started to look at all the work we'd done I realized it was one linear piece. "2 Weeks To 4 Months" is out now and available to buy on vinyl below.