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Pretty Lightning unveil brand new LP 'The Rhythm of Ooze'

Posted on February 13 2018

Pretty Lightning unveil brand new LP 'The Rhythm of Ooze'

Pretty Lightning are back and treating us to another helping of raw, twisted psychedelic-blues on their latest LP ‘The Rhythm of Ooze’, available on deluxe and standard edition vinyl as well as CD in our store now!

Lifelong friends Christian Berghoff and Sebastian Haas continue to excel on their third full length and dive even further down the rabbit-hole of stomping garage-blues rhythms and unremitting motorik drones. Having formed a decade ago, the duo has grown to skillfully and effortlessly blend styles and draw from a whole range of influences; from 60s psych and delta blues through to krautrock and drone. On tracks like ‘Willow Valley Blues’ this surfaces in a howling and primitive garage-rock call to arms and on ‘This Machine Is Running’ the fuzzed-out guitars and echoing vocals are driven by a formidable gusto, only slowing down to meander into a swirl of skewed, deranged keys. Sit back and crank up ‘The Rhythm of Ooze’ and let Pretty Lighting expertly take you on a trip through their lysergic, rock'n'roll prowess. You can stream it here now: