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Nest Egg Fuzz Club

Asheville's Nest Egg hit the ground running with 'Long Night Outside' -- the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album.

North Carolina three-piece Nest Egg have shared the first cut from their forthcoming album, the minimalist kraut-punk cut 'Long Night Outside'. The band's new LP, 'Nothingness Is Not A Curse', is due for release April 13th and this first track gives a pretty impressive insight into what to expect! You can stream the track below. Talking about what we can expect from the rest of the new album, Nest Egg explain: “We tracked Nothingness Is Not A Curse mostly back in 2016 and finished it up last year, we’re really excited to have it coming out on Fuzz Club. The songs were mostly written a couple of years ago and the content is just a conglomeration of everything from that time. It ranges from songs about spending a lot of time in the outdoors to songs about air travel or getting rid of scummy people in your life.”