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Helicon release long awaited self titled debut LP

Posted on January 24 2018

Helicon Glasgow

Helicon's fantastic debut LP is officially out now!

Exploring themes of love and loss, drugs and drink, religion and politics, and life and death, Helicon’s new album is a collection of sprawling and expansive Eastern-sounding psych-rock. Rock’n’roll has always transcended geographical limits and with this in mind the band explain how the new record aims to explore all of psychedelia’s hazy, deeply-rooted ley-lines across the globe - from the cosmic noise of their Scottish homeland (see The Jesus & Mary Chain, Mogwai etc.) to the sitar-led, opium-tainted sounds of India and the neo-psychedelic swoons of 90s San Francisco. Ethereal and mesmeric at times, crushingly heavy and droning at others - Helicon's debut is a sublimely dynamic record that sounds like all the best parts of psych history rolled into one masterpiece of an album, eight years in the making this is a record that's certain to propel Helicon's already-formidable reputation to unprecedented heights. Talking of the album, vocalist John-Paul explains: “As our sound and line-up evolved over the years I felt the time was now finally right to make the commitment to doing the album people had been asking us for and we owed to ourselves. The album itself is inspired by our desire to create impact, to push back against the fucking dirge of contemporary popular music and dumbing down of society. It’s the same reason we formed the band, there’s no point in complaining about shit if you aren’t prepared to offer up an alternative.”