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Five new bands added to the lineup for Fuzz Club Eindhoven 2019

Posted on April 04 2019

Five new bands added to the lineup for Fuzz Club Eindhoven 2019
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Froth, Snapped Ankles, Teeth Of The Sea & Acid Baby Jesus added to Fuzz Club Eindhoven bill

A few weeks back we announced the return of Fuzz Club Eindhoven with an eclectic mix of names spanning the ever-fruitful underbelly of fuzz, reverb and drone. Taking place once again at the Effenaar over August 23rd and 24th, the first 17 bands announced included the likes of Kikagaku Moyo, Iceage, The Soft Moon, The KVB, Tess Parks, The Underground Youth, The Warlocks, The Telescopes, Lumerians, The Vacant Lots and many, many more. Today we’re super excited to announce five more additions to the festival and, if we do say so ourselves, it’s shaping up to be pretty damn awesome line-up. Joining the already-packed bill will be LA-based trio Froth and their woozy psych-pop, the ramshackle hedonism of London’s feral post-punk outfit Snapped Ankles and our own Acid Baby Jesus, with their hip-shaking, 60s-indebted garage freak-outs. Also announced today are the Anton Newcombe-collaborating Stockholm psych-rockers Les Big Byrd and genre-bending experimentalists Teeth Of The Sea who will be bringing their exploratory dystopian soundscapes, combining glitched-out electronica, motorik prog and industrial-tinged noise-rock. You can find the full list of names as well as a video trailer and Spotify playlist below. Weekend tickets are available HERE, don’t sleep on picking one up as they’re flying out fast. Still with more TBA, the line-up as it stands is comprised of Kikagaku Moyo, The Soft Moon, Iceage, Froth, The KVB, Tess Parks, The Underground Youth, The Warlocks, Snapped Ankles, The Telescopes, The Vacant Lots, Lumerians, Teeth Of The Sea, Acid Baby Jesus, Les Big Byrd, Whispering Sons, Rendez-Vous, Iguana Death Cult, Minami Deutsch, 10 000 Russos, Medicine Boy and Vuelveteloca.  It’s going to be one hell of a weekend, we can hope you join us!