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The Provocative Art of Olya Dyer

Posted on September 02 2017

Olya Dyer Fuzz Club Underground Youth
"Since I was a child there was always something on my mind I had to say but couldn’t find the right words to describe. Or something I saw in my dreams that I couldn’t forget and it stayed with me for days or even weeks." The captivating visions manifested from the mind of Russia native Olya Dyer have provided stimulating optic accompaniment for many of London's best rock and roll gigs, and art direction for The Underground Youth As a designer and also the drummer for The Underground Youth, Olya has merged her creative energy into a force that reflects the many muses in her world. "Certain feelings, the music, people, films, relationships, everyday life arise in your heart. It all needs an outlet which I originally found in pen and a piece of paper and since then it has evolved into so many different shapes..."   Underground Youth Live Olya Dyer Fuzz Club  

"My interest in music related visual art came from my love of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s gig posters, simple as that. There is that simplicity, which is so iconic, undisputed, complete and just cool. It was a whole new discovery..."

  Olya Dyer Fuzz Club Underground Youth Olya's travels have impacted her medium of choice through the years, giving her artwork a liberating sense of freedom. Her time in St. Petersburg and Manchester contributed to shifts from acrylic paintings of the feminine form to bold graphic landscapes, silkscreen prints, and percussion for The Underground Youth. "Nothing compares to the feeling of holding your work in your hands whether it’s a silk screened poster, a t-shirt or a vinyl record." Dyer's fascination with the tv series/film Twin Peaks has proved to be an enriching source of imagination for her art. "If I need to top up my inspiration, there’s no better cure for me than Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks score." The psychological thriller directed by David Lynch offers a pervading element of mystery and iniquity to her visuals.   The Underground Youth Fuzz Club Now based in Berlin, Olya's craft is driven by her ability to shapeshift seemingly deterrent emotions into fuel for expression. "There’s no difference between my musical and visual challenges because it’s all just art. That’s why I wouldn’t call myself a musician either, only when I need to simplify things." There’s only one never-changing obstacle and that’s feeling the need to be better or questioning whether or not you’re good enough, that perfectionist ghost has been haunting me all my life, he’s unforgiving and doesn’t have days off. That’s my alarm in the morning, my insomnia and my biggest motivation that I’m so thankful for… "