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10,000 Russos - Fuzz Club Session

Posted on January 30 2017

10,000 Russos - Fuzz Club Session

10,000 Russos - Fuzz Club Session

The incredible Fuzz Club Session from 10,000 Russos is officially out now, encapsulating their hypnotic droning psychedelia at its most raw and industrial.

10,000 Russos Fuzz Club Session Live Album

The session is four tracks of stomping, wildly expansive noise. The dark, atmospheric soundscapes are structured by an array of effects and loops – the swathes of celestial noise and howling feedback are underpinned by driving, monolithic Neu!-esque rhythms, hypnotic droning guitars a la Spacemen 3 and atonal, reverb-soaked vocals bringing to mind Mark E Smith on a ton of acid.

10,000 Russos session opens with Karl Burns, the brilliant lead single from their 2015 Fuzz Club debut; a slow stoned out groove that throbs with ominous feedback and ritualistic vocals. Next is Baden Baden Baden, a huge track that opens with swathes of feedback before Jao Pimenta’s drums erupt and it takes off on a La Dusseldorf motorik rhythm. There is a tribalism to Pimenta’s drumming, as if he is banging on doors to other dimensions, all whilst Pedro Pestana’s guitar soars with fuzz and feedback.

Policia Preventiva begins on a wash of noise before abruptly ending and rewinding into a deep throbbing drone propelled by the metronomic beats provided by Andre Coutoo’s thunderous bass. Wild psych guitars scream and wail over the krautrock beat, the adrenalin-fuelled and hypnotic drone gradually building to crescendo. This is a new track and gives us a hopeful insight into what to expect from their second LP which is currently in production, more on that soon however. Closing track One Second Yugoslavia is like a lost, forlorn message from outer space; deconstructing 10,000 Russos' industrial soundwaves and rebuilding them with a relentless groove. The session is available on standard and deluxe boxed-edition vinyl here. You can find all the videos and audio from the session below. 1. Karl Burns 2. Baden Baden Baden 3. Policia Preventiva 4. One Second Yugoslavia Audio